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Winsted Corporation

Winsted is the worldwide leader in control room console solutions. We create attractive, ergonomic consoles that improve operator comfort and optimize efficiency. We offer stock, customized and custom control room consoles for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a single workstation, or a complete control room, we can provide the perfect solution.

Model: B3261

All the great features of our popular curved Impulse consoles in a space-saving straight configuration.
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Winsted welcomes new Vice President of Product Development
Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Winsted welcomes new Vice President of Product Development

Jan. 17, 2023 - Longtime engineer Shawn Brady brings wealth of experience to premier control room design firm

This fall Winsted welcomed Shawn Brady as the company's new Vice President of Product Development. Brady comes to Winsted with more than 15 years' experience in control room engineering and design.

"What really makes a difference for me is improving people's working experience in their control environments," said Brady. "When we improve an operator's ability to function, we're improving their ability to serve their mission, to keep others safe, to prevent emergencies, and to manage situations that are often beyond the awareness of the general public."

Before joining Winsted, Brady worked in engineering, design and project management with firms including Mauell, Diversified – Mission Critical Environments, Mitsubishi Electric, and Barco. His work history includes engineering technology systems, designing consoles, and consulting in control rooms in environments such as Utilities, Military, Transportation, and nuclear power facilities. These experiences are shaping his approach to his new role at Winsted.

"It's a great responsibility, and it requires a holistic approach that goes beyond thinking of our products as furniture," Brady said. "After all, if our solutions don't work properly, it could create a catastrophic disaster. Something as simple as losing an image, or a communication channel, could mean that people die. So, there's a seriousness to this work that drives me."

Brady is also looking ahead and envisioning what comes next for the company.

"Winsted has a working knowledge of mission-critical technology that is rare even among control-room furniture manufacturers," he said. "It sets us apart from other companies and gives us an advantage as we develop new products and anticipate new technologies coming a year or five years from now. Imagining the possibilities now means we'll be prepared to integrate them into the picture for our customers down the road."

Brady, who lives with his wife, three children, and two dogs in central Pennsylvania, joined the Winsted team in October. When he's not at work, Brady enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, and camping with his family.