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Living Live Podcast: How Ross Video Uses Corporate Messaging to Solve Problems
Posted on Monday, June 7, 2021
Living Live Podcast: How Ross Video Uses Corporate Messaging to Solve Problems

June 7, 2021 - For over a year now, companies and their employees have struggled to transition to a new style of work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As we begin to look to the future of post-pandemic work, one can't help but wonder: What changes can we expect in our new work environments, especially in terms of corporate communications and messaging? And how can businesses adapt to these trends?

Here, we hope to answer just that. Joining podcast host Tyler Kern to dive deeper into this topic is Robert Luther, the business development manager for the corporate market at Ross Video.

Ross Video serves a large swath of the corporate market, including technology, finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare and fitness, manufacturing, retail, energy, and hospitality.

But for the majority of these sectors, COVID-19's impact remains the same. The shift to remote work has forced these companies to reassess their communication strategies, as digital communication tools hurt inclusivity, teambuilding, and even company transparency.

"People get sick of seeing nine talking heads on their screen," Luther said. "It's what everyone's doing, and we really need to change that and bring in professionals looking professional."

These challenges bring new opportunities, though.

From transformations of unused office space to breakthroughs in remote training, organizations that are willing to look at their current reality in a new light will be better able to adapt to a post-pandemic future.

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by Tyler Kern