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Ross Video Endorses Monogram’s Creative Console for Virtual Solution Control
Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ross is pleased to announce that UX, Ross Video’s Virtual Solutions control platform, now integrates with Monogram’s Creative Console. Based in Waterloo, Canada, Monogram has engineered a new modular, freeform control surface designed to enable hands-on and dynamic interaction with UX and other creative software solutions.

Creative Console is a highly flexible and customizable control surface that comprises different modules – including an innovative trackball alternative, dials and sliders – that can be arranged in the way that best suits the operator. Each module attaches to the others magnetically, enabling operators to mix and match and create an expandable control surface that best meets their own ergonomic needs and preferences. Going well beyond event triggering, Creative Console lets operators control virtual cameras and lights, edit chroma keys and have direct access to objects in the scene, as well as providing the ability to move, rotate, scale, save, and animate them without going into the editor or the engine. Commenting on the UX integration, Calvin Chu, CEO of Monogram notes “We’re very excited to partner with Ross Video to offer virtual production and broadcast operators an improved and more efficient tactile user experience in UX. Creative Console offers an operator environment designed specifically for the non-engineering user, and provides extensive ease-of-use by taking the technical complexity out of deploying and operating virtual environments with familiar, tactile tools.”

Gideon Ferber, Ross Video’s Director of Virtual Solutions, is pleased to endorse Monogram’s solution. “Creative Console offers operators a highly flexible control solution, and the ability to pick and choose modules and change them as needed is very elegant. Creative Console is a very easy-to-use and intuitive system that’s perfect for broadcasters working with Ross Video’s UX control platform and Voyager graphics rendering solution.”

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