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New HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets
Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012

 High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a visual upgrade that’s here to stay. Most audio and video connections in home entertainment centers and commercial setups are HDMI-compliant these days. And why not? With HDMI, you get a sharper, clearer picture and sound from high definition, enhanced signals.

The only problem is that normal HDMI lines are usually limited in how far they can stretch (the maximum is typically somewhere around 50 feet) before the signals lose quality or become cost-ineffective. But with our new HDMI Over Dual CAT5E/CAT6 3D Bi-Directional IR Active Extender Balun sets, you can add an extra 196 feet to the normal cable length — and do it using cheaper CAT5E/CAT6 cables.
In other words, our set allows you to extend your HDMI signal by a significant amount without having to worry about signal loss, image instability, or blinking screens interrupting your viewing experience.
Just think of all the ways this could be useful. A longer line will give you greater mobility with your equipment in both home use and professional video presentations, and the use of cheaper CAT5E/CAT6 cables instead of the usual HDMI cables will give you a great picture without the extra expense.
Here are a few other things you should know about our HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets:
It supports 1080p @ 60Hz for 130 feet, and 1080i/720p @ 60Hz for 196 feet
An embedded bi-directional infrared control path lets you control the display remotely.
It features EDID learning capability.
Single-end power that can go on either the transmitter or receiver side.
The kit also includes a transmitter and receiver balun, infrared transmitter and receiver cables, mounting screws, and a universal locking power adapter.
If you are looking for a way to keep your high-quality picture while extending it over a much longer distance, our HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 3D Bi-Directional IR Active Extender Balun Set is what you need.