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Three Common Video Conferencing Problems that VU TelePresence Avoids
Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 We’ve mentioned a couple times just how excited we are about the VU TelePresence HD video conferencing systems. Historically, video conferencing has been an exercise plagued by poor quality and expensive equipment. VU TelePresence’s HD video conferencing systems, however, are affordable, simple to use and proven to deliver sparkling, almost life-like quality connections.

But lest you think we’re going a little bit overboard with our enthusiasm, let’s allay some common questions and concerns many of the hi-def video conferencing system’s potential customers sometimes have in advance. Here are three areas historically troublesome to videoconferencing that VU TelePresence simply masters.

The Need For Surplus Equipment

It’s unlikely that you’ll need to buy a bunch of high-tech equipment – and you don’t need to buy equipment specifically designed for VU TelePresence systems.

Instead, VU TelePresence systems are sold without displays. All you need is an HDMI TV or an HDMI monitor (assuming, of course, that you have access to adequate bandwidth — 800 kbps for 720p and 1.2Mbps for 1080p. A 50-inch HDMI display is optimal) The systems still can work with bandwidths as low as 350 kbps, but only at standard-definition quality.

In fact, the systems product arrive out of the box pre-configured and ready to go. Just set it up on your network and choose a Vu Number.

The Need For Special Lighting

There’s no need to stage your meetings from the local movie studio. The room needs to be well-lit – and uniformly lit for best picture – but no fancy, high-tech lighting is needed for optimal picture quality.

However, certain color clothes don’t show up well in any type of video (read here to learn more).

The Inability to Connect With Other VC Units