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MAXHUB Debuts the UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera
Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2022
MAXHUB Debuts the UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera

The ideal conferencing solution for small to medium-sized meeting spaces

Irvine, CA – January 2022 MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to introduce the UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera. Designed for huddle to small-sized meeting spaces, the UC M40 tracks every face and follows every word when placed in the center of the table—making this a highly functional meeting tool that is small enough to be carried in one hand.

The UC M40 integrates four 4k cameras to create a 360-degree camera, speakers, and voice-tracking microphones into a design as portable as it is stylish. Equally impressive, the camera requires no external devices or time-consuming setup efforts. The result is impressive performance and intuitive operation. With its sleek, robust design, the new MAXHUB UC M40 combines 4-lens precision with intelligent speaker tracking for a true 360-degree immersive meeting experience. 

The UC M40 offers a rich feature set that makes operation easy. With its 360-degree panoramic wide-angle view, each person at the table appears front and center on screen. And with its 5MP 4-lens camera, the UC M40 captures every meeting participant's face clearly and without any unflattering distortion. Further, the UC M40's one-tap mode switching and LED voice location indicator transforms even the most challenging spaces into productive meeting places.

Operating the MAXHUB UC M40 is quick and easy. With Standalone mode, the UC M40 provides full performance right out of the box. Simply connect the unit via USB and start your meeting. There is no software to install and no complicated settings to configure. Users can easily select a collaboration scenario with a tap, and the intelligent speaker-tracking technology and 360-degree camera will take it from there. With seven modes—Discussion, Beamforming, Panoramic, Quad View, Portrait, Compose, and Split—meeting participants can be ‘framed' in whatever manner best suits the preferences of the group.

For more precise performance, the UC M40 also offers Professional mode. By activating Professional Mode, users can adjust a wide variety of settings, from camera angles to custom display layouts as well as auto-framing settings. Even with its compact form factor, the UC M40 offers boundless capabilities in terms of providing the exact meeting experience preferred. Compose mode combines a panoramic view of the entire room while viewing six key participants close up. Manual mode zooms into a specific area of the room. Body fit mode focuses on all meeting participants while Grid mode shows four key meeting participants, each in their own quadrant. Additionally, Presentation mode focuses on the whiteboard and the active presenter simultaneously while Speaker mode displays the entire meeting room while focusing on all meeting participants.

Charles Montoya, Director of UC Products for MAXHUB's North American operations, commented on the new MAXHUB UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera, "The UC M40 packs a tremendous amount of punch into a surprisingly compact meeting tool. With easy-to-use controls, users can select the framing that best suits the meeting participants. Equally important, the UC M40's collaboration technology is compatible with all popular video conferencing applications, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and Skype—so users will find it easy to integrate the system into their preferred meeting setups."

The new MAXHUB UC M40 360-Degree All-In-One Camera is available now.