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Harris Corporation and Digital Display Networks, Inc. Report 7-Eleven TV Network’s Early Advertising Success
Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2012

Harris Corporation and Digital Display Networks, Inc. Report 7-Eleven TV Network’s Early Advertising Success



• 7-Eleven TV significantly lifts sales of advertised brands.

• Nielsen study reports clear consumer recall from targeted advertising campaigns.

• Digital out-of-home model has a powerful influence on in-store sales.


MELBOURNE, Fla. & DENVER -- Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) announced that 7-Eleven TV significantly increased sales and revenue for advertisers across 4,344 stores in its first year of operation — validating the influence that digital out-of-home media has on consumers. The company reported that:


• Well-known national carbonated beverage brand sales were 17-to-35 percent higher in stores using digital advertising versus non-digital tactics.

• Targeted Hispanic language advertising resulted in a 21-percent sales increase for a leading national soft drink advertiser.


Meanwhile, the new Nielsen Fourth Screen Report confirms 7-Eleven TV advertisers are reaching targeted demographics and attracting viewers, with approximately 93,500,000 monthly ad exposures. The report arms media buyers with valuable audience metrics on one of the nation’s largest digital out-of-home networks, with targeted impressions rivaling the top four broadcast TV networks.


Key Nielsen study figures include:

• Large audience shares in key advertising demographics including ages 18-49 (80 percent) and 18-34 (43 percent); • Strong advertising recollection, with 68 percent remembering at least one ad; and • Strong screen recognition, with 72 percent stopping to view screens — translating to increased customer dwell times in stores.


“The Nielsen Fourth Screen Report data clearly legitimizes the digital out-of-home model as a powerful advertising medium,” said John Watkins, president of ABC National Television Sales.


Darren Mann and David Veckerelli, co-CEO's of DDN, provide additional perspective on the results: Mann said, “The report proves to both endemic and non-endemic advertisers that we are attracting viewers and reaching a highly sought after demographic.” Veckerelli added, “As a result, the stores are reporting increased consumer dwell times and higher sales. All of this is attributable to the power and impact of in-store digital signage.”


7-Eleven TV broadcasts programming that features entertainment content including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Access Hollywood and G4’s Attack of the Show, and custom, targeted advertising sold through ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales. Harris provides extensive network management capabilities across all store locations. 7-Eleven TV network advertisers include major brands such as Pepsi, Frito Lay, Hershey, ESPN and the California Lottery.


“Digital media is reaching consumers today in more ways than ever, and 7-Eleven TV proves the bottom-line impact for advertisers within the digital out-of-home model,” said Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. “The Nielsen Fourth Screen Report metrics prove that strong video content and targeted advertising have a powerful influence on in-store sales.”