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USB Workflows are Powerful and Scalable for Classrooms & Meetings
Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2022
USB Workflows are Powerful and Scalable for Classrooms & Meetings

Nov. 26, 2022 - USB workflows are a way to send communications signals online, while simultaneously connecting the peripherals in the room, like a camera, microphone, a speaker, somebody's laptop, and more. During Covid, this versatility become more important to the way we communicate as more and more people connected remotely and needed to share information, reports, school lessons and more. Communication quality greatly impacts the level of attention and engagement. 

A well-defined USB workflow allows for easy sharing of a camera, microphone, speakers, whiteboards, and other USB peripherals. Imagine a meeting where some of the participants are in a conference room and some are online. If the room participants want to be seen and heard, a smooth USB workflow allows for easy switching between participants, rather than everyone having to gather around a single laptop.

A streamlined USB workflow results in improved communication, more participant engagement, and easy switching between audio and video sources. USB workflows are ideal for scaling UCC environments as needed. In many cases, legacy equipment can be incorporated into these workflows.

A small application like a simple conference room would be well-suited for Hall Technology's Discovery 1 series. The wall-mounted 1-gang transmitter allows users to easily connect a PC, display, keyboard and mouse, and interactive white board, or any other USB peripherals needed. To scale up to a larger conference room or classroom, use Discovery 2, which has more connection points, including a USBC connector, allowing for more laptops or peripherals to participate.

For a complex or advanced USB workflow, like a large higher-education lecture hall or a large boardroom, Hall Technologies has developed the new Gemini product. The power behind Gemini allows for multiple presenters in different locations, so board meeting presenters could present from halfway around the world. The form factor is two presentation switchers, rather than mounted wall plates. They are connected by an HDBT connections so that you can switch between each unit seamlessly, and it makes for a truly powerful workflow.

These USB workflows have been so popular that Hall Technologies is showcasing them in live demos around the world. Here is a full interview with Hall Technologies VP of Technology, Ken Eagle, where he describes the power of USB workflows. As Hall Technologies continues to introduce exciting new products, having USB-centric solutions, as well as blended USB and AVoIP solutions, will remain a high priority.