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Technology in Today’s Classroom
Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Technology in Today’s Classroom

Oct. 4, 2022 - There's no question technology has made education more accessible through the years. Relying on technology, especially during the pandemic, transitioned education to a more mobile environment, while still providing quality learning experiences even to remote areas of the world.

Because of the fast-paced and high-tech world we now live in, manufacturers are challenged to deliver technology that provides a consistent and engaging learning experience while considering a wide range of devices and networks. So, though classroom tech is wonderful, it's also become complicated.

Classroom Technology

Technology is used to support and enrich student learning. But let's face it, in an environment where there are audio or video issues, connectivity challenges, or devices meant to share that can't, technology can also become disruptive. The best classroom technology is easy for instructors and students alike and can accommodate a wide range of teaching devices from a laptop to a document camera.

Keep in mind the following goals when selecting classroom technology.

Maximize Better Communication

Technology provides better communication, not just with teacher-student relationships, but with their parents as well. With a powerful and accessible platform, teachers can communicate with parents online in a face-to-face discussion to address any issues or concerns the students may have.

Additionally, teachers and students can also communicate conveniently without the hassle of going to the teacher's office just to ask or clarify something about their lessons. There are broader capabilities for presenting projects, working in groups or asking questions. In addition to their lessons, students are learning how to leverage the power of technology, skills that will transfer to their workplace later in life, no matter where that may be.

Access Lessons Easily

Technology helps learners to connect and access their schoolwork anytime, any day. Whether they are at home, at school, or outside, they can easily review their lessons and the teaching modules without physically attending classes. Many schools have adopted a hybrid model so that those who feel safer at home get the same learning experience as those opting for the classroom.

The ability to access work and review handouts adds value whether students are in the classroom or at home. Previously, the instructor might show something in class or on an overhead projector that students were unable to access at a later time. When a lesson is recorded, students can review the material as often as needed.  

Ease of use

Technology implementation means easy information sharing, whether with face-to-face instruction or in creating a fully online course. If a question arises and the instructor needs to throw some additional information into the lesson, it's simple to open and share a new file.

Teachers and lecturers electing to adopt technology to disseminate information are more responsive, and have a wide range of information they can share simply at the touch of a button. The best classrooms are those where there is robust conversation around a given topic, and both sides are able to present their findings.

Providing the best education

Transitioning to a new classroom technology platform can present its challenges. For example, there may already be legacy systems in place that were costly to install and should be taken into consideration when integrating a new technology.  

Budgetary constraints may mean that new platforms have to be phased in slowly. It's important to work with a partner who listens to these needs and works alongside the school system to delivery the best results within the scope of the project.

Here at Hall Technologies, we understand the value of education and the challenges instructors and students may face while transitioning to a more technologically advanced classroom. That's why it's paramount that we provide solutions using high-quality and affordable technology.

For example, our new Apollo TRK1 Room Kit is a feature-rich, flexible and affordable solution for classrooms of all sizes. Instructors are able to quickly switch between presentation sources without plugging in and changing a bunch of cords. Just a touch of the button makes a change from an a document camera to a video resource, then bringing in the audience afterwards for Q&A. A Hall partner can provide a demo of this system and share success stories.

To find out more about Hall Technologies products, visit our website and connect with our team. Let us show you the powerful options available to meet today's educational needs.