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EdTech Predictions
Posted on Sunday, March 6, 2022

March 6, 2022 - Predictions are interesting. Consider the movie "Back to the Future" or an episode of the Jetsons. Both touted brain-controlled and wireless innovations, as well as voice activated tech. Hey Alexa, did you know that you were conceived way back in the 80's? You look good for your age! All kidding aside, beyond Back to the Future – there are tons of predictions from other sectors. I read an article recently with predictions for Edtech's path in 2022 and beyond. Here's a few interesting tidbits I noted:

1. Lighting takes on a whole new…. Light!

Acoustical lighting is a great way to boost productivity, so why not consider using it in educational settings? Experts predict we will see more of this and a need for more versatile, environmentally friendly, and multi-purpose lighting solutions in the EdTech space. Tech Managers understand that you must make your education spaces look as good as they sound. Zone sound masking can be an effective tool.

2. Campuses Morphed into high-tech lounges

Well who doesn't love to relax in a comfy lounge chair with coffee and a book in hand? College campuses will predictably become a place for hospitable vibes. Think cozy chairs, and dorms that feel more like a posh resort hotel. We predict a need for collaborative spaces as well for students to meet in cozier quarters to work and unwind.

3. Displays Super-Sized

Seems like a real no-brainer, but experts are predicting that classroom displays will be bigger. In all my years in AV, I have never once had a client ask for a smaller display. Screen size matters and scaling up in the classroom is a win-win. For students it means higher definition and clarity in most super-sized displays, and for Educators, larger displays are more accommodating for remote learning scenarios.

4. Experience and Wellness is Everything for Students

From the classroom and throughout the campus, students are all about the experience. Likewise, health and wellness are top of mind too. Look for campuses to enhance technology both in and out of the classroom with an emphasis on health, safety, and inclusion for all students. Now more than ever a holistic approach to mental health among students will be much needed.

5. Digital Pedagogy

We've seen widespread adoption of new teaching methodologies amid this pandemic. AV technology coupled with hybrid learning models make a predictable shift for digital pedagogy. We see this as essential to creating opportunities for learning in any setting.