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5 Tech Triumphs For Education
Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2021
5 Tech Triumphs For Education

April 7, 2021 - With great tech, comes great triumphs. Whether technology is a friend or foe, it can be used for good. (Mostly) In Higher Education spaces, it’s especially mission critical in recent times with various learning models – distance, remote, hybrid, or in-person. And one question bares asking… how can we transform face-to-face synchronous collaboration into meaningful virtual, asynchronous collaboration? These Tech Triumphs below are just a few of the ways we can triumph in education!

1. Uptick in Video Conferencing Resources

Raise your hand if you have more than 3 Video Conferencing sources on your laptop/PC? I’m 99% certain you’re raising your hand right about now. It has become quite customary to have several conferencing platforms in your arsenal. Regardless of whether you’re on lockdown still, or practicing some sort of hybridized model, chances are you’ll be utilizing various conferencing technologies as classes are being held online. Often universities offer multiple platforms as one-size-does-not-fit-all. Professors want what they are comfortable using, and sometimes have a hard time adopting new technology, so having multiple offerings eases the stress for tech managers.

2. VR & AR

VR and AR technologies are making lectures, books, and classroom sessions more immersive. This type of immersion leads to better student engagement and interaction. It also helps students to focus and aids in language barriers and inclusivity. Another area that educators see great success when using VR/AR is in the comprehension of materials. Educators cite a major improvement in comprehension when they’ve used VR/AR to present a subject.

3. Digital Signage and Body Temperature Devices

Campuses worried about safety concerns are considering investing in more digital signage and the installation of body temperature technologies. These temperature scanning devices read body temperature and send alerts if the temperature of an individual is too high. The addition of more technology throughout campus is driven by the need to make students feel safer and focused on their study’s.

4. Education Gamification

Students today are familiar with using iPads, tablets, and other smart devices. Gamifying education is geared towards this generation and helps to motivate students to learn by incorporating elements of storytelling, problem-solving, badges, levels, and points in educational environments.

5. IoT and Smart Campuses

When smart campuses become digitally connected spaces, where personal devices and data come together onto a single network, this is known as the Internet of Things, or IoT. Educational institutions leverage devices and data for a connected experience using IoT. Consider the Apple Wallet feature as similar to how Universities are using IoT in students’ daily lives. Smart vending machines, laundry facilities, entering campuses and dorms is now an integrated experience along with learning objectives.

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Written By: Brandy Alvarado