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ELMO USA Introduces BOXi-T350, Portable HD Video Projector TV, Movies, Video Games
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013
ELMO USA Introduces BOXi-T350, Portable HD Video Projector TV, Movies, Video Games  PLAINVIEW, N.Y., September 4 – Emphasizing simplicity, convenience, and sleek design, ELMO USA introduced the BOXi T-350, its first portable HD video projector designed for popular consumer applications, including viewing TV, movies, photos and video games.   The small, lightweight 300-lumen DLP projector, a mere 1.1 pounds with a footprint smaller than a six-inch square, produces sharp, bright, high contrast images as large as 68 inches diagonally.  The BOXi T-350 features a single HDMI connection for video sources and a mini-stereo output jack for sending sound through an audio system, speakers, or headphones.  A full-function IR remote control is also included. 

For efficiency, the BOXi T-350 employs a long-life LED lamp and features an “ECO” mode which reduces power consumption by 46%.   The projector is also equipped with ELMO’s “short-throw”
lens, allowing it to create the full-size 68-inch picture at a distance of just 52 inches from the screen.

“The T-350 is a versatile performer that can create a distinctly different atmosphere for any environment, whether it be for entertainment, business or education, said Matt Takekoshi, ELMO USA president. We’re really expecting that users will find new applications beyond what we’ve designed it for.”

Takekoshi also touted the BOXi’s industrial design.  “We designed it with an attractive contemporary look, unlike so many projectors in the sub-500 lumen class have about as much style as a cereal box. But we also made sure that the design included making all the controls easy to access and adjust using either the top-mounted control panel or the remote.” 

The BOXi-T350 projects in native resolution of 1280 x 800 (WXGA) and will accommodate video input resolution from 480i to 1080p (including Blu-Ray) and computer input resolutions from 640 x 350 to up to 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA).  In addition to the audio output, the projector incorporates a one-watt monaural speaker.

The quiet, fan-cooled T-350 provides indicator lights to show power status (on or off) and lamp status, as well as a light to warn of projector overheating, which can happen if fan vents are blocked,
or in the unlikely event of fan failure.   The projector automatically reduces or shuts-off power to prevent damage from overheating. While the projector allows customers to set controls for color temperature, color gamut, and gamma, it also offers users selectable pre-set modes for optimized viewing of TV, movies, video games, photos, and presentations.  Additionally, there is Maximum Brightness mode for environments with higher ambient light.  Aspect ratio is automatically detected but can also be manually set to 4:3 or 16:9. 

To accommodate the widest variety of uses, the BOXi T-350 can also be set for front or rear projection configurations, as well as for desktop or ceiling location.  There is a recessed mounting receptacle on the bottom of the BOXi for use with a conventional camera tripod and for mounting the projector on the ceiling.  

The BOXi T-350 is HDMI- and HDCP-compliant, and is recommended for use with a high-speed HDMI cable.  With a retail price of $549, it is available immediately from Wynit Distributing.  For more information, please contact Adam Lowenstein at, or  Elmo customer service at or 1-800-947-3566.