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An Informative Look At Playlistsopen original article
Posted on Monday, June 24, 2013
One of the newest features in the WebSuite Digital Signage Platform is the ability to add playlists within a project. What are playlists you ask? Playlists are simply sub-groupings of content within a project consisting of Page content playlists and Crawl Region playlists. Each Playlist can be assigned to one or many players in your signage network. Master playlists for page content and crawl region content will be the first playlists added when a user initially creates a project. That content will always play when the project is published to the media players. Let’s take a look at the diagram below and see just how using playlists can benefit your organization. The diagram above illustrates an example of a University using WebSuite software for creating and managing content with media players located in several different locations or departments throughout the campus. Let’s say that Administration wants to have the same cohesive message displayed on all of its screens. They accomplish this by creating a project called “MainCampus“. Next they’ll add a Master playlist with their message and send the project with that playlist to the server for all the media players to pull (the Pull Method of publishing is required for using the Playlist feature) into endpoint displays. Now all the media players across campus have the same uniformly branded Administration message playing on all the screens. This is great, but now the Library staff want to add their own content that will only play on the screens in the Library. They do this by creating their own playlist within the “MainCampus” project. In the Library playlist, the staff can then create as much page content and crawl region content as necessary to target their specific audience of students and faculty. Content for a library could include hours of operation, holiday closings, upcoming events such as book author signings and book buy backs. It could be new book arrivals, special rewards programs, maps of the library as well as emergency information. In this example, WebSuite users all over the University campus could log in and add custom playlists for their departments. This level of content creation and management give WebSuite the enterprise-class support that businesses and organizations are looking for.Playlists are a great feature to add custom content to specific screens across your digital signage network. Initial player set up is a breeze and once new content is created and approved, all you need to do is sit back and let the players and server do the work. With so many possibilities of easy content management, WebSuite truly delivers the promise of Digital Signage Made Simple!