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Brightline provides energy-efficient lighting products recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications. Harmonizing with the widest range of digital cameras, the company’s fixtures offer broadcast-quality lighting for diverse conferencing environments, including systems designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

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Converting legacy fixtures into LED lighting systems with ease. Each LED Retrofit Kit includes everything needed for a seamless installation without modifying the existing fixture mounting.
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Brightline Introduces ZELo Desktop Studio Light
Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Brightline Introduces ZELo Desktop Studio Light


Affordable personal video light with smart app control

improves videoconferencing for meetings and more


Bridgeville, Penn. – Dec. 1, 2020 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of video lighting systems, today unveiled ZELo, its new desktop studio light for videoconferencing. Designed for business professionals, educators, broadcasters, and social media influencers, ZELo delivers broadcast-quality results that enhance personal lighting in any workspace.

 With variable color temperature, ZELo delivers everything from warm light (2700 degrees) to daylight (6500 degrees), so it blends with any ambient room light environment. When paired with Brightline’s free app, iOS and Android portable devices can adjust brightness and color temperature, build and store settings, and set timers. ZELo even supports voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant devices. Plus, built-in manual controls make it easy to change settings.

ZELo can be adjusted to create a flattering lighting angle, and a telescoping arm raises and lowers the light to provide clearance over most desktop and laptop monitors. Position ZELo lights on either side of a video monitor to replicate studio lighting for remote broadcast news reports or webcasting. ZELo also folds for easy transport and storage.


“The ever expanding use of Zoom and other videoconferencing tools brought on by the rapid growth in remote video has shown us all how important it is to have high-quality personal lighting,” said Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “ZELo can be adjusted and customized to work with any office or home office setting. Whether you’re teaching an online class or conducting virtual meetings, use ZELo for every on-camera hello.”


ZELo is priced at $199 and will be shipping in 60 days. Brightline is currently taking preorders for ZELo at