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AMPLIVOX Pinnacle Full Height Plastic Molded Lectern
Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009
AMPLIVOX Pinnacle Full Height Plastic Molded Lectern

 Northbrook, IL, - AmpliVox® Sound Systems announces the next generation of portable sound. The Pinnacle Full Height Lectern is a unique and revolutionary durable portable lectern with a built in public address system that is truly a plug and play unit packed with high end features and designed for a multi-use environment.

Features: Lightweight Durable Hard Shell Plastic, safe and quick to transport. Only 48 lbs.??Durable polyethylene shell holds up under tough use, indoors and out!?Made of recycled materials.?Rounded corners minimize damage when moving. ?Easy mobility. Tilt-n-roll wheels for maneuverability.?Interchangeable inserts. Match any decor, with just one lectern! ?Available panel colors: Cherry, Medium Oak or Black Marble.?Custom inserts with your organization’s logo are available. ?Use anywhere! Classroom, conference room, multi-purpose rooms, inside and out??Convenient shelf for notes or water. 26-in. W. x 46 3/4-in. H. x 25 1/2-in. D. 48 lbs
Pinnacle Lectern (Model ST3250) Includes: LED light, a digital clock timer and a sensitive electret gooseneck mi­crophone with 25 ft. XLR cable built in. Ready to add a sound system or plug into a house system.
SW3250 Includes built in sensitive electret gooseneck mic, 23 in. long, digital clock timer, LED light, 25 foot cable, and XLR audio output to connect to our SW225 Voice Projector built-in wireless 50 watt dual modular speaker system (includes wireless lapel and headset mic). Runs on 10 D-cell alkaline batteries for up to 200 hours of talk time, S1460 International AC Adapter/Recharger (110/240V; 50/60Hz), S1465 NiCad Rechargeable Battery Pack (requires S1460). All Sold Separately.
MSRP for the Pinnacle models are: SN3250 $1,357.00, ST3250 $1,671.00, SW3250 $2,193.00
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About AmpliVox® Sound Systems
AmpliVox® Sound Systems engineers, manufactures and markets portable public address systems and reliable elegant lecterns with integrated wireless sound systems for a myriad of different presentations and communication applications both indoors and outdoors, including meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences.
AmpliVox® Sound Systems products are made in the USA, meet stringent UL standards, and come with a six [6] year warranty. We have an array of styles and sound coverage for every speaking need. Whether you are in a small meeting room of 30 people or a large 20,000 square foot auditorium of up to 5,000 people, AmpliVox® Sound Systems’ extensive range of superior quality, easy to use and reliable audio electronics will provide maximum customer satisfaction and ensure that your message is heard.