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AMPLIVOX MITY MEGS! Megaphones For Emergencies and Cowd Control - S601-S602-S602M
Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009
AMPLIVOX MITY MEGS! Megaphones For Emergencies and Cowd Control - S601-S602-S602M


AmpliVox® Sound Systems announces updates to the Megaphone Hailer Series of powerful, yet lightweight weatherproof megaphones. All three models have NEW battery indicator lights on the outer housing, an easy to use battery cartridge and a volume/gain knob inside the cover for more control over the sound. Plus the same Piezo dynamic technology as their predecessors, making these lighter and louder than other megaphones.  
The Megaphone Hailers are great for use in high noise areas and large open spaces. Use it to direct emergency crews and alert crowds. Use at road races and other outdoor sporting events or rallies. These megaphones are specially designed and built out of tough ABS plastic which makes them perfect for fire and police departments, state and federal agencies, marine environments, and event organizers.
All models have a comfortable pistol grip, 3-modes: talk, whistle and a built-in penetrating siren for emergency use and are powered by alkaline batteries (not supplied).
The series includes:
Model S602M: with detachable coil corded mic; 25 watts; effective range of up to 1760 yards; shoulder strap; 2.75 lbs.; requires 8 C-cell batteries, lasts 20 hours continuously   MSRP $206.00
Model S602: 25 watts; effective range of up to 1760 yards; 2 lbs.; requires 8 C-cell batteries, lasts 40 hours continuously   MSRP $171.00
Model S601: 15 watts; effective range up to 900 yards; 1.5 lbs.; requires 8 AA batteries, lasts 18 hours continuously  MSRP $137.00
The Megaphone Hailer series helps schools meet the security requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, which mandates schools to offer secure, safe learning environments for their students. Use the megaphones to direct schoolyard fire drills, tornado drills or in emergencies when directions must be heard.
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