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Osmo's Cosmos Rock Band Sets the Stage with Black Box Technology

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Osmo's Cosmos Rock Band Sets the Stage with Black Box Technology
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Osmo’s Cosmos is a glam rock band based in Imatra, a small town in eastern Finland. The band is famous for its extravagant staging. They are renowned for putting much emphasis on their costumes, accessories and technology.

Video is an important part of their show. At the beginning of the millennium, the band developed an original way of welcoming famous performers to their shows. These guest stars performed alongside them on video screens in a synchronised manner, turning the whole show into a staggeringly brilliant and exciting event.


Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the band designed a new show and also wanted to incorporate some new technology. In the early days, videos were projected onto silver screens using projectors. Later, they were displayed on large plasma displays. Now the plan was to build scalable video walls of varying sizes depending on their preference and the available stage. The system should be easy to assemble, dismantle and move, and reliable when it comes to the technology.

Pete Kiisseli and Ville Soininen, the founders of Osmo’s Cosmos, already knew of Black Box and had received regular newsletters in the past. Hearing about the MediaCento IPX system made them decide to get in touch.


The idea behind Black Box’s MediaCento IPX technology is that a video image is transmitted over a normal local area network, from a transmitter to one or several receivers – through an Ethernet cable – using an IP protocol. Each receiver gets the same signal and the video wall broadcast can be easily divided to only show the specific desired footage per single monitor.

The solution is completely scalable and each receiver is programmed to show a certain portion of the image. The system is also PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered, so no separate power supplies are required. Simple!


For Osmo’s Cosmos, creating their video show with MediaCento IPX technology is the perfect solution. They can build video walls of varying sizes for every show. The system is easy and quick to assemble and configure. The solution is compact and few cables are needed, which is a big advantage since there is always more than enough equipment on stage. Additionally, the system is reasonably priced, making it a very attractive solution.

MediaCento IPX adapts to different needs, “in addition to the video wall, we also get HDMI output to local monitors”, says Pete. “When preparing for a concert, it is easy to set up and you can get an Ethernet cable anywhere if needed. It would be much more difficult to get hold of a ten metre DVI cable. The whole system is excellent and works well. It is easy to move and quick to assemble. The equipment is also physically light and fits easily in the coach.”

“The Black Box experts understood our needs immediately, gave us a proposal on the spot, followed by a detailed offer. We are very pleased with their service and expertise.” For Black Box, the solution offered to the Osmo’s Cosmos band was extremely interesting and differed from the norm, as the company usually delivers analogue systems to control rooms and business centres.

“We are really happy that through this solution, we’ve been able to get acquainted with the Osmo’s Cosmos band and its great founders Pete and Ville”, says Jyrki Ala-Könni, Country Manager of Black Box Finland. “The MediaCento solution, based on data transmission with Ethernet cables is perfectly suitable for an application where the system is assembled and disassembled almost on a daily basis. The solution is simple, reliable and mechanically durable. It has been a great pleasure to work with the members of the band. Humour has been part of the shows and all cooperation.