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Optoma Projectors Bring Interactive, Immersive Experiences to Life at Electric Playhouse

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Optoma Projectors Bring Interactive, Immersive Experiences to Life at Electric Playhouse
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Using interactive projection to entertain, educate and inspire guests, Electric Playhouse was searching for the right solution to bring captivating and dynamic visuals to life in its immersive 24,000-square foot venue space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In particular, the Electric Playhouse team needed ultra-short throw projectors to create larger-than-life visuals and animations throughout the immersive dining and interactive entertainment spaces for special events, field trips, and large group experiences.

Creative Solution:
Having previously worked with Optoma on an immersive dining event, Lead Systems Engineer, Chris Steinmetz, looked to Optoma for the right projector to install with the best lens optics. After considering Optoma’s range of offerings, the team selected the Optoma ZH420UST, given the model’s ultra-short throw feature, as well as the minimal adjustments that were required to perform edge-blending for larger visuals. Further, the team needed to install nearly 50 projectors, and the price point of the model comfortably fit within their projector budget. A total of 50 ZH420UST projector units were installed along the walls of the dining space as well as other areas in the interactive venue, allowing the team at Electric Playhouse to create truly interactive experiences and transport guests of all ages to different virtual worlds.

Upon the completion of the installation, Electric Playhouse launched this creative digital entertainment space in February 2020. “We had a varied set of needs for our tech,” said Chris Steinmetz, Senior Systems Engineer, “and we considered a number of ultra-short throw options, but the price point and installation flexibility of the ZH420UST made the product stand out. The brightness is superior for a projector in this class, and the built-in warp engine came in handy when we needed to calibrate images in a pinch.” With the successful execution of the immersive dining space , the Optoma ZH420USTs met the various visual needs for Electric Playhouse, helping bring to life a unique, interactive experience for people of all ages.