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NEC Display: Central Illinois Radiological Associates

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NEC Display: Central Illinois Radiological Associates
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Central Illinois Radiological Associates use NEC Display Solution’s medical diagnostic displays throughout their facilities to help adhere to their goal of improving the standard of care.

Quick Facts

  • Facility: Central Illinois Radiological Associates
  • Vertical: Healthcare 
  • Location: Springfield, Ill., and 14 Other Locations
  • Challenges: Maintain adherence to DICOM standard across multiple, varying environments
  • Solution: NEC Display MD21GS-3MP and MD211C3 diagnostic displays
  • Result: Improved productivity which helped promote revenue gains thanks to the display's flexibility 
  • Date: Continuous additions since 2008

Established in 1938, Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA) has become one of the largest and most highly regarded providers of diagnostic and interventional radiology services in the Midwest. The provider has continuously grown and evolved to offer a comprehensive array of imaging services. Quality is of the utmost importance to CIRA in regard to the care it administers, and one of two primary reasons it selected NEC Display Solutions MD21GS-3MP monitors in 2008, when the organization did away with using diagnostic displays from multiple manufacturers. The NEC monitors have maintained accurate adherence to the critical DICOM curve and have remained faithful to their warranties. As a result, CIRA is currently utilizing 42 NEC diagnostic displays in a wide range of locations.

CIRA delivers a premium level of diagnostic interpretation, which dovetails neatly with the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide superior care. In fact, CIRA’s decisions to invest have all been contingent upon improving the standard of care and making sure it shares the right data with the right physicians within the appropriate time frames. The organization continues to keep an eye on, and to implement, the growing number of advanced visualization tools available in radiology, including color displays, in order to make the most accurate and thorough diagnoses.

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