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Plenum Equipment Box used at Dulles International Airport

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Plenum Equipment Box used at Dulles International Airport
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Consultants and Installation Companies are finding that Nigel B Design’s Plenum Equipment Box is the only choice when they need to hide installed Equipment in the Plenum Space, out of Sight. As its Built in Power Receptacle and the Equipment is all completely enclosed inside, the entire assembly can be safely installed in the Plenum Space, therby complying with NEC Electrical, and State Building Codes.

One such Consultant Company, International Display Systems of Dayton Ohio, whose main business is in the Engineering, Installation and Maintenance of Flight Information Systems and other Transportation Display Systems, recently completed the first phase of a Passenger Information System at the Washington Dulles International Airport Arrival Terminal. The use of the Plenum Equipment Box’s size of 16” x 16” by almost 5” High allowed all the necessary Support Equipment to fit inside, without any modification and was easily integrated with Equipment from other Manufacturers. Although the size and flexibility aspects were important considerations, so too was access to the Equipment at any time as the Plenum Box Lid can be easily removed to allow for any maintenance support.

The Design of The Nigel B Design’s Plenum Box allows other Equipment and Mounting Options to be easily integrated. This flexibility, as used in the installation at Dulles International Airport, included the Nigel B Design Pole Mount Plenum Equipment Boxes, NEC Display Systems LCD4020-2-AV Monitors in a Double Sided Configuration and the Peerless Structural Mounts to complete the job.